Hi! It’s 12.12.12!! Haha! I am praying for you!                                                        (1 of 4)

May the LORD be your focus and guide during this next week!

A few interesting things…
Devo by John Maxwell;
How to Develop Evangelistic Students (I KNOW this is not our FOCUS);
10 actions that kids learn from their Parents;
8 Simple Prayer Ideas for Teens.

It Takes One to Make One by John Maxwell

“When the Philistines were at war again with Israel, David and his servants with him went down and fought against the Philistines; and David grew faint. Then Ishbi-Benob, who was one of the sons of the giant . . . thought he could kill David.  But Abishai the son of Zeruiah came to his aid, and struck the Philistine and killed him.”  2 Samuel 21:15-17

According to Albert Schweitzer, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others . . . it is the only thing.” Part of creating an appealing climate is modeling leadership. People emulate what they see modeled. Positive model, positive response. Negative model, negative response. What leaders do, the potential leaders around them do. What they value, their people value. Leaders set the tone. Leaders cannot demand of others what they do not demand of themselves.

As you and I as leaders grow and improve, so will those we lead. We need to remember that when people follow behind us, they can only go as far as we go. If our growth stops today, our ability to lead will stop along with it. Neither personality nor methodology can substitute for personal growth. We cannot model what we do not possess. Begin learning and growing today, and watch those around you begin to grow.

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