Here is YOUTHMIN.ORG top 34 blog posts of the year!

Take a look! Let us know which one YOU think is best!

Joshua Gill  – How maintaining boundaries could save your ministry

Josh Tandy – Your calling is not time sensitive

Josh Evans – My top 5 epic fails in student ministry

Frank Gil – Calvinism and Student Ministry

Ken Mcintyre – 8 reasons why students stop showing up

Kolby Milton – Is there a problem in Youth MInistry

Justin Knowles – Missions: Overseas vs. Local

Aaron Helman – 4 biggest time sucks in Modern Youth Ministry

J.C. Thompson – Evaluation learned from Pre-teen Ministry

Ben Kerns – Are Bikinis Sinful?

Rachel Blom – Challenges of Postmodernism: Reaching the Unchurch

Mitch Miller – Dynamic Preaching in Youth Ministry

David Bartosik – How Leadership Development ruins the Church

Gary Albritton – 6 steps to help you prepare to preach

Nathan Wells – Leading with Integrity

Terry Goodwin – What does Longevity look like?

Joshua Fuentes – The Future of Student Ministry

Phil Bell – Three Youth Ministry Priorities for Mondays

Andy Gill – The State of Youth Ministry and why we are failing as Youth Pastors

Geoff Stewart – 5 best practices for Social Media

Neely McQueen – No Purple Ministry

Christopher Wesley – How Student Leadership Teams Hurt Your Ministry

Jon Berry – God Helps those who help themselves

Jordan Easley – Cheat Sheet for Youth Pastors

Jason Gaston – Reviving the Student Ministry Pulpit

Tom Shriver – 5 ways to improve your event marketing

Brooklyn Lindsey – The Temptation of Youth Ministry

Heather Lea Campbell – Why I work with Teenagers

Paul Martin – Programs, Programs, get yet programs

Chad Swanzy – Rooting for the Bad Guy

Gina Abbas – Can you really get a job as a woman in Youth Ministry?

Matt Lawson – How to ask questions and get the job you want

Adam Mclane – Kidnapping students and other dumb things NEVER to do in Youth Ministry

Kyle Sullivan – What do you expect out of your Students

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