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Last week, God taught me a big lesson about the importance of leading the worship at Teen CBS, and I wanted to quickly share it with you.

Last Sunday, I was honestly thinking about not doing the worship for Monday because I’d been sick the week before and my voice wasn’t up to par. I prayed about it and I felt God telling me to stop worrying about it – that I really needed to do the worship for some reason. So Sunday night, I asked God to lead me to the three songs He wanted me to do.  I took out my stack of worship songs and felt totally overwhelmed, but as usual, God gave me the three songs within a matter of minutes. One of the songs, “I Will Lift my Eyes,” was a song that I had never done before for Teen CBS. I re-learned it, squeaking my way through it with my congested voice, and felt that it was strong enough to do, although my voice still wasn’t all there.

I made it through the songs at Teen CBS the next night, wondering afterwards if it was awkward that I had to drink water between each of the songs and if anyone noticed that my voice was a little scratchy. Thoughts that were clearly from God Himself, right?

Our core group went well after worship and the talk.  I still can’t believe the things that teens these days are faced with.  One girl in particular was dealing with something truly devastating, and we all prayed over the situation.  It was still a good night with our girls, and we left encouraged.

When I got home, I checked Facebook to see if one girl had posted any updates about her mom.  I didn’t see anything, but I noticed something else that brought tears to my eyes.  Another girl in our group posted some of the lyrics to “I Will Lift My Eyes,” the second song I sang that night.

God, my God, I cry out

Your beloved needs You now.

God be near, calm my fear

And take my doubt.

I knew her reasons for posting it, as did everyone else in our group. I praised God, realizing that teens actually do listen and hear what is sung during worship! Not only that, but God knows exactly what their struggles are and what they need to hear each and every week. It didn’t matter that my voice was scratchy and that I needed to drink water between songs. The only thing that did matter was that students and adults sang words of praise and cries for help to God that night.

Then, the next morning, one of our leaders sent me a quick email thanking me for the worship. She said that “I Will Lift my Eyes” was particularly meaningful to her that night.  All of this was so encouraging to me that I cried. I went from not wanting to lead worship at all that week, to being completely humbled because it is not I, myself, at work here, it is the Lord.

The process I go through in preparing for worship has taught me so much about blessing through obedience. First, I pray for the right songs and wait until God leads me to them; I practice them for a couple of hours the night before; I warm up my voice for 30 to 45 minutes on my way to Teen CBS; and then – the most important part! – I worship God by myself for the remaining time I have before I practice at the church. By privately worshipping Him, I am allowing God to anoint me and prepare me to serve. I praise Him for the opportunity to lead others in worship of Him. I pray for Him to bless the night and to let there be no distractions with the music or the slides. I let Him know just how seriously I take this task that He has set before me. He takes all of this and forms it into something miraculous, using me as a vessel to connect Him with His people.

I want to remind all class worship leaders how important they are. I feel that all too often, we think that it’s enough to just get through the three songs and get on with the night (I am guilty of this too). Honestly, I feel like so much time and effort is put into making sure that the talk is done correctly and the groups are going smoothly, but that sometimes not enough effort is put into making sure that the worship is powerful and anointed. Last week, God showed me just how important it is for the preparation for worship and the worship time itself to be done right. It sets the mood for the rest of the night. It comforts the weary and calms souls. Most importantly, it connects us to God Himself. All of our CBS worship leaders must disappear and lead the “bride” of the church to Christ and let them go. Also, we need to be praying every week that God keeps us healthy and able to lead the worship, that He will fight any battles that might come up to prevent us from doing His will.  If we obediently take the task seriously, it gives Him the opportunity to move and work in big ways.

The work that God is doing through Teen CBS and CBS as a whole is powerful and divine.  Every step of it – the study of His word, the worship, the talk, the fellowship – is SO important, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Blessings!  Lisa Lenderink

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