Games we played at TDC Late Night Session.

Me Switch.

Leader puts hand on head, hips, or crosses arms. Any people that have the same as the leader sit down until the last is standing.

Man, Gorilla, Gun.

Man beats Gun    Gun beats gorilla     Gorilla beats man    Tie you die

Rally Farkle (paper, scissor, rock)

123 shoot Rock Paper Scissors                                                                                          Loser is the cheerleader and gets behind another person who has won. Losers keep getting behind winners

Hula hoop relay.

2 Teams facing each other. Holding hands. Hula hoop has to go down the line and then back up. Fastest wins.

The Best game.

(you can come up with your own competition categories)                                                  tallest thumb, longest hair, best birdcall, fastest crab walker, etc.

Which was your favorite?

Share others with all of us.

Thank you Kemp and Geoff!!

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