Journeying With Lost Teens  by Todd Lowan                                                                      For original article click here.

We often forget, at least I do, that we’re called to be image-bearers of Christ and to preach the Gospel but we’re not called to get more notches on our belt. We faithfully share the Gospel, even when that means sharing it without words and the Holy Spirit draws students to God. We can’t do that part, but we have to be faithful in our part, journeying with and pointing students to Christ.

Remember a few things while journeying with students:
-Don’t play into negative stereotypes. Debating too much, being overly argumentative, treating a student like a project and moving on when you hit a wall are all stereotypes John had.
-Don’t be afraid of tough questions or to “go there.” Book swap, never answer a question you don’t know the answer to, learn more about the areas that create skepticism in them (physics in the case of John, yeah physics…ouch) and above all don’t compromise the Gospel.
-Be sensitive to the Spirit. Pick your opportunities to verbally share the Gospel through the promptings of the Spirit. Pray, pray and pray some more.
-Share the Gospel through your actions. The way you treat them, talk about others, react to situations and the longevity of the relationship are all key.

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