How to Hear From God Through BIble Devotions   by Bruce Chant                            To see the original article click here.

Four simple things to look at and consider as we read a passage of Scripture.

L – LOOK into the Scripture

As you read highlight what the Holy Spirit impresses upon you personally. What strikes you out of the passage you have read? Which verse or verse stand out?

I – INSPIRED by what?

What is that inspires you or speaks to you out of these verses. Take a minute to fashion that understanding into your own words.

F – FORM a life response

If God has spoken to you personally out of a bible text, what is He wanting you to do in response to it? In other words, write down how you will apply this to your life.

E – ENGAGE in Prayer

Out of this word and your response / application, take it to God in prayer. Acknowledge your need for God and for Him to work to accomplish what it is He is speaking to you about.

As you read your daily bible passage, consider these four points and journal your reflections. What you have in your writings is what you are hearing God say to you. It is not all God might be saying to you, but it is a great start!


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