What Middle Schoolers Want To Know About Love & Dating?


Middle school students anonymously asked anything and everything they wanted.        Here were their questions.

About dating:

  • How do you ask someone out?
  • Is dating a sin?
  • Does God want me to date?
  • How do I know if a boy/girl likes me?
  • How old should you be when you start dating?
  • What’s the limit of people you should date?
  • How do you say no when a boy asks you out – without being mean?
  • How do I decide who I should date?
  • What do I do if Justin Bieber asks me out?
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t go to church or believe in God. Should I break up with them?
  • Why is dating so hard to resist?
  • Are boyfriends/girlfriends overrated?

About Self-esteem:

  • How do you know if you’re good enough for the person you like?
  • Why do my friends feel like they need to be dating someone to be cool?
  • What do I do if I really like a boy, but he says he will only go out with me if I kiss him?
  • Sometimes I feel like I need to act a certain way, or be someone different, to get a guy/girl’s attention – is that bad?

About Relationships:

  • What are some good qualities we should look for in a boy/girl?
  • Should you date one of your friends?
  • What’s it called if I like cookies more than girls?
  • What are some standards you would recommend having in your relationships?
  • How do you know when you’re in a serious relationship?
  • What does a good relationship look like?
  • Is it bad to not save your first kiss for your husband/wife?
  • What’s it like to fall in love?
  • Why does God make us wait so long?
  • Why does the Bible say it’s bad to lose our virginity when we’re not married?
  • Why does God say it’s “sexually immoral” or whatever to to be with more than one person?

About Marriage & Divorce:

  • How old should you be when you get married?
  • Why is marriage important?
  • What does a good marriage look like?
  • Why do divorces happen?

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