3 Games That Might Be Fun To Try


Scattergram – combination of scattergories and instagram – http://www.youthmin.org/youth-group-game-scattergram/

Death Hack – combination of hacky sack and dodgeball – http://youthleaderstash.com/2012/04/17/death-hack/

Over The Mountain – tweaked chair game – http://youthleaderstash.com/2012/02/09/over-the-mountain/

For how to play… 


This game is essentially the instagram version of the popular board game Scattergories (hence the name). To play, the teams are all given the same list of about 10 categories of things to look for, and we started the round by having our Student Ministry Instagram account share a photo of one random letter, with the 10 categories. Teams then have to find items that meet that category and start with that letter, then instagram a picture of it, tagging their team hashtag and the student ministry hashtag. We gave them about 8 minutes per round, and we played 3 rounds.

This game can be played in a variety of ways: You can have it be equivalent of a scavenger hunt with students running around your church campus, you can have them stay in one room and look for images just on the internet, or you can have them search instagram for images representing the categories.

Examples of categories we used are:

– something round

– something soft

– something hard

– something sports related

– something cheap

– something expensive

– book of the bible

– kind of car

– Novel

– Board game

– video game


DEATH HACK – combination of cky sack and dodgeball.

This game comes from the YoungLife Leader blog. I made the graphic and I’ve played this game as well. It’s a ton of fun and I’m hoping you haven’t tried it yet. Check it out.

You can play with a soccer ball, dodgeball, 4 square ball…anything really. The rules are pretty simple: It is a combination of hacky sack and dodgeball (hence death hack).”

1- Everyone stands in a circle and someone starts by tossing the ball up in the air lightly and announces “This is death hack” to signal the beginning of the round.

2- You can use anything you can use in soccer to hit the ball (feet, head, knee, chest, etc). Once the ball has been passed 2 times (3 different players have made contact) the game turns into dodgeball.

3- Whoever grabs the ball can’t move but everyone else can do whatever they want (run away, post up for a catch, tackle the person with ball, etc).

4- If you are hit with a thrown ball you are out. If you catch the ball, the person who threw it is out (same rules as dodgeball).

NOTE: The one key with this game is ANYTIME the ball hits the ground it is dead and a new round begins. That means if someone throws the ball and it is caught, it can still be thrown to get someone out and so on…as long as the ball hasn’t hit the ground it is live!


OVER THE MOUNTAIN – our chair game

This is really an old school game but I couldn’t resist dressing it up with a nice graphic. Have students form a circle sitting in chairs. Everyone should be seated in a chair. Choose a person to start and remove their chair so there is always a person out. The person in the middle of the circle begins the round by filling in the blank after this statement:

“Over the mountain if ____________.”

When they make the statement everyone must get out of the chair and race to an open chair if that statement is true of them.


Over the mountain if you’ve ever bought a Justin Bieber album.

if you’ve peed the pool.

if you’ve stood up a date before.

if you’ve worn the same underwear twice in a row.

This is a fun game that can possibly never end. It also can get sketchy so be advised. If you have a large group you can divide into two or more circles by grade or gender.

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