Rubberbands   by Kurt Johnston


Over the years, rubber bands have made expected and unexpected appearances in our junior high ministry.

Rubber bands, and the multitude of strange uses they provide, are a wonderful reminder of a junior high ministry principle:

Junior Highers Will Get Excited About What The Leaders Make Exciting

For sure, every single one of our rubber band adventures could have flopped; there was really nothing uber-exciting about any of them, but the adults in the room were committed to the cause. As far as the adults were concerned, shooting rubber bands for distance or playing a round of “dodge band” was going to be the most exciting 15 minutes of the week…and this convinced our junior highers of the same thing.

Attitudes are contagious.

Fun is contagious.

Energy is contagious.

Passion is contagious.

Compassion is contagious.

Joy is contagious.

Love is contagious.

Junior highers will follow your lead. They will go where you choose to take them. Rubber bands prove this to be true.

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