Infographic on The Epidemic of Cyber Bullying


Here are a few things that stand out to me: 

1. 97% of middle schoolers have been bullied online.  This makes we so sad for a whole generation of awesome young people who are getting put down online.  Recently, a fight broke out on a youth group night.  It was an explosion of emotions, and in the end it all was about bullying.  The student in my youth ministry said, that his “friend” keeps calling him a “faggot”.  That night this guy lost it, and decided to give it to the bully.

If all of your students have been bullied at some point, what are we doing to teach and model a Christ like life.

2. 15% of parents are “in the know” about their child’s online presence.  This is where we need to help.  This is where we have failed, and will continue to fail if we don’t partner with parents more in youth ministry.  Parents need to know what is going on, and how their child’s social relationships are actually effecting them personally.  I think a ton of parents are completely oblivious until it is too late.


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