Protect Yourself   by Kurt Johnston & Josh Griffin

As youth workers we are all concerned about our student’s need to create safe-guards in their lives, but we need to do the same thing! Here are a few simple thoughts…just in case you haven’t thought about this stuff in a while:

Protect Your Eyes
  A strong faith isn’t built on a weak foundation – and pornography chips away at the foundation of your marriage, your spiritual depth and your faith. We challenge students regularly to protect their eyes and run from evil, yet sometimes as speakers and leaders we feel exempt from this basic truth. No one is above failing, and if you think you are, you’ve already failed. Got the computer thing figured out? What steps are you taking to protect your eyes concerning movies, television shows, magazines, etc.?

Protect Your Computer
  Get your computer, phones and iPads protected – don’t just buy a case to protect the screen – make sure you protect what comes on the screen as well. There are tons of great options for your devices, they all have different strengths and weaknesses but use one of them to make sure you’re covered. If you don’t know where to start, check out K9 filtering tool which is free and. The X3 accountability isn’t a filter, but does send a report of your internet surfing to a partner, which is a powerful way to protect your computer, too.

Protect Your Heart 
  Often times we protect our computers and our eyes but leave our heart vulnerable to Satan’s attacks.  Protect your heart by making sure there isn’t unconfessed sin, a rift between you and another leader in the church a lingering temptation you continue to flirt with or an unspoken grievance with your spouse. If you aren’t protecting your heart if will eventually cost you everything.

Ask for God’s Protection
  One often overlooked protection is one we can only ask God for and ask Him to provide. Don’t be afraid to ask God to protect your reputation, your heart, your church and your pastor. Spend time in prayer and leave a reminder for yourself to make God’s protection a priority.

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