Object Lessons for Talks. 

Bag of school supplies – God supplies our every need.

Bag of Tricks – Satan will use every trick he knows to get us to do what he wants us to do. Don’t be deceived by Satan’s tricks

Sandals – follow Jesus/walk with Jesus/The Lord is with us wherever we go

Tube of Toothpaste (once it is out you can’t put it back in) – Watch what you say – Making your words pleasing to God

Compass – Bible -the spiritual guidance system for our lives.

Toolbox – tools to cope with life/Bible/God is at work in your life

Scratch art paper – God looks at the inside – the heart

Puzzle – nothing is impossible with God/He is the answer

Crowns/Ruler – Let Jesus rule your life

X-ray/Magnifying glass – God sees everything/what is really in your heart/

Doorhanger – Jesus wants to enter your heart – let Jesus in

Masks – Don’t pretend to …/ God loves you just the way you are (no matter what you have done)- Don’t hide from Him

Lightswitch – Jesus brings light to a dark world

Binoculars – God sees everything we do.

Calculator(hard equations) – God is our help in time of trouble

Keys – God has given us keys that we need to take with us each day.  You will find them in the Bible.  They are keys to a happy life!

Pillows – God will comfort us when we need Him

Ticket – Jesus is our ticket to heaven

Flowerpot – Grow in Christ

Molding Clay – God wants to mold your life

Backpack – God will carry your burdens

Shirt with stains all over it – Jesus’ blood washes away our sin.

Mirror – You are a reflection of Christ

Cell Phone – Call on God for everything

10 Commandments – Obey God’s commands

Welcome Sign – God welcomes you – anytime/any place

If we have faith, God will provide

Umbrella – God will protect you

Life preserver – Jesus died to save you

Check for $1000 then cut in ½ – Following Jesus ½ way is not following Him at all

Life raft without any air in it – Doesn’t do any good to follow Jesus ½ way

Where’s Waldo Book – Look for Jesus – Looking for Waldo can be a lot of fun, but in real life, looking for someone can much more serious. Only Jesus can forgive sin and give us eternal life

First aid kit – God heals our hurts

Out of tune guitar – Follow God’s Teachings/Obey

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