Infographic on How Popular Are Mobile Phones Today?

Here are a few things that stand out from this infographic on how popular mobile phones are today: 

1. Worldwide there are 2 phones for every 3 people.   Everyone has a phone, and more students are getting smart phones to stay connected to the digital world they live in.  Youth ministries need to use this communication medium, and use it effectively to reach teenagers.

2. 1.5 trillion text messages were sent in 2009.  This is the way people communicate.  I don’t use my phone anymore for talking, it is mainly texting.

3. 63.7% of american mobile phone users receive/send texts.  This stat was from 2010, and my guess is that today it is more like 80%.  I think that the single most effective communicate tool today is the text message.  This isn’t the only way we should communicate, but when I see the 100% sent/received status I know this is one powerful tool to embrace.



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