How Media Is Affecting Our Students Infographic

 Here are a few things that stand out: 

1. 59% of teachers say that media is affecting their students face-to-face contact.  Either we understand and control media, or we let media control us.  According to this infographic the students that we are serving are losing the media battle.  Instead of media extending relationships, it could easily try to replace them.  We need to learn from parents and teachers and partner with them.  This is how we work with students today in a digital world.

2. 73% percent of parents who would like to limit their children’s TV watching.  Why can’t they?  They could just turn the TV off and tell them to get outside.  For some reason parents today are not willing to cut their students off from media, or give them an allowance of time online.

A family that I worked with at my last church set up a timer each day for their kids.  Each kid had 1.5 hours a day online.  It never seemed like enough, but it was.  It forced the students to face-to-face contact with their parents and peers.

Parents need help, and we can be the people to help them navigate the digital world.


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