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Clique Collaboration is a trend we see impacting multiple areas of Millennials’ lives.

When talking about some of the core characteristics of Millennials, group oriented always makes the list. They’re team players who learned to work together from young ages thanks to teams where everyone got a trophy and classrooms where group efforts were applauded over individual accomplishments. So we’ve known for more than a decade that they are group oriented, but how does that tendency to work as a group play out in their lives today?

Millennials have begun to reach beyond their offline peer group and tap into smaller, niche groups with shared interests and goals in order to form bonds and work together on common, passion-driven objectives. 62% of Millennials think you can make your voice heard more online than offline, and 72% think it is easier to find people who share common interests/passions with them online than it is to find them in real life. They’re using the tools at their fingertips to create new “cliques” that collaborate together, often through digital means, to create and share information, enact change, and improve one another’s lives. This Clique Collaboration mentality has a broad impact, influencing everything from dating to entrepreneurship to fandom.

Under this Clique Collaboration mindset, we’ve identified three major trends impacting their lives:

Next Level Fandom:
The fandoms of today are incomparable to simple fan clubs of the past. Highly connected and organized, Millennial fan groups have taken fandom to a new level, creating active communities online that go far beyond fawning, and have real world clout.  Massive amounts of content—videos, artwork, gifs, and fanfic—are being created daily by fan groups, all of which could be tapped into as inspiration for brands.

Team Dating: 
Millennials are using their social circles to change up the dating game: sharing information, creating joint experiences, and making finding romance a group effort. Thanks to their long history of online activity, Millennials have well-established online circles and have been generating data they know is valuable for years. They’re now beginning to tap into that data in new ways, collaborating with their cliques in order to make dating a savvy game of connections.

Pre-Dev Engagement: 
First it was crowd-sourcing, then crowd-funding, and now crowd-concepting. With Pre-Dev Engagement, Millennials are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in the product creation process. They are working together through open channels to validate ideas and lessening the risk of failure by leveraging the opinions of the collective whole “pre-dev,” before products are fully launched. Big brands can and should leverage consumer eagerness to both create and to be a part of the development decision process.

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