10 Ideas to Maximize Cellphones in Ministry   by Brandon Early


Almost every student in our ministry has a cell phone and they are itching to get it out and use it. I do not want to encourage misuse and distraction, but I figure if it’s available and has ministry potential, I might as well try and leverage it. Here are some ideas you can use to leverage cellphones in your ministry, too:

  • Polleverywhere.com: Free and pay for options. this service is more than polls. It is robust.
  • #yourministry or #yoursermonseries: You probably don’t have enough people tweeting to get your hashtag trending but it is a good way for our students to let their friends know about their church.
  • Text a friend: Challenge student to text a friend and ask if there is anything they can pray for. Then have them pray.
  • Instagram Video Challenge: Silly videos for announcement, youth group invites and tag friends or “we missed you tonight” video tagging friends. Think of other video reenactments or games you could play.
  • I Love My Youth Group: Ask students to send a 15 second Instagram video saying what they like about their youth ministry. Grab those videos and compile them into a video that you show at one of your programs.
  • God is…: Same as “I Love My youth Group” but these can be short testimonies.
  • Thought Of The Week: Ask students to Instagram, Tweet, or Facebook a picture of their sermon notes or the “thought of the week.” Or just type up a tweet or facebook status update of their favorite thought, message point, or application. Have them add a #hashtag.
  • Cellphone Shootout (free graphics here): This is a game where I give out my cell number and the 1st person to call me gets a prize. If you don’t want to give out your cell number to a room full of obnoxious teens consider getting a free Google Voice number to give out.
  • Simply Youth Ministry TOOLS: Have students sign up for text blasts and feed them news, announcements and encouragement texts throughout the week.

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