Draft Scouting Report: Fruit of the Spirit Edition   by Jeremy Jenson


NFL Draft day is coming so I put together my mock draft.

Round 1
No question about it, Love is the greatest in this year’s draft. He is the complete package and will bond your team together like glue. You can try all the tricks in the book but if you don’t pick up Love in the first round there is no way you are making the playoffs.

Round 2
One of the most consistent players out there you know he won’t let you down. The only problem is that Faithfulness has already said he wants a five to ten year contract. If he gets injured or doesn’t play up to standard you will have a long term liability.

Round 3
Great committed team player. His footwork and technique are solid. I can’t think of anything bad to say about this guy except that he may never be one of the greats.

Round 4
Joy is a quality player. He adds great enthusiasm to the team and will make the two-a-days fun. The down side is he can be a bit oblivious to the outcome of the game. Like it or not he is just out there to have fun.


Round 5
If you are looking for a player to help you down the stretch, Patience is your guy. It looks like an injury will keep him out of the first half of the season, but barring a setback he should be 100% come playoff time.

Round 6
There is something to be said for having a strong bench. I do not consider Peace to be a starter, but if things go wrong during the season you will be glad to have him on your team. You can count on him to fill in at any position when the mid-season injuries start coming.

Round 7
Out of all the players in the draft this year he is the nicest guy. Unfortunately he always finishes last.

Round 8
I know you are going to want to pick this guy up earlier in the draft. He looks great on paper and was one of the best at the combine, but after some experience with him in college I have my doubts. In my opinion he will leave your team feeling like an outsider when it comes to playoffs and is only worth a late round pick.

Round 9
Originally I didn’t even have Humility on the board. Who can forget when he dropped the game winning catch in the Senior Bowl earlier this year? A play like that can ruin a guy, but he seems to have learned from his mistake.

That’s nine rounds of Fruit of the Spirit deliciousness.

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