20 Quick Tips for Small Group Leadership  by Ron Powell


Last week, I led a small group leaders training session at an amazing youth ministry, with over 40 adult leaders and coaches. We shared back and forth and came up with some great tips. Try sharing these with your leaders. I really like 9 and 18.

  1. If you will listen to them during the week they will listen to you at the group.
  2. It’s not enough to teach them trivia. You are aiming for life change in every lesson.
  3. Connecting with you is great. Connecting them with each other is even greater.
  4. Break the prayer barrier in your group. Faith is activated as students pray out loud.
  5. Involve students in as many ways possible. Maximum involvement results in maximum life change.
  6. Pray daily for each student like you are in a fight for their soul. You are!
  7. Never ask your students to do something that you are not doing yourself.
  8. Don’t pretend to be more spiritual than you are or try come off looking more righteous than you are.
  9. Don’t be afraid of silence. Wait long before you bail them out.
  10. Imagine that you are responsible for the purity, health, and growth of their soul.
  11. Wear your love for Jesus on your sleeve.
  12. Share your faith not your doubts.
  13. Break the sound barrier early in your group. Get’m clucking like chickens if you have to.
  14. If you miss their birthday you must do the polar bear plunge of spend a 1000 years in purgatory.
  15. Respond to their texts in full sentences as soon as possible after you get them.
  16. Do an activity outside of the church once a semester.
  17. Get to know their parents. Get a home visit in if you can each year!
  18. Show as much interest in possible in what they love. Read their poems. See their drawings. Listen to their songs.
  19. Love their friends as much as you love them. When you reject their friends you reject them.
  20. Hold off on giving advice. Let them generate possible solutions for their problems.

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