TD Conference 2015 – Teen TD’s “Best Practices” and Ideas

The Talk

Work to personalize the lesson, use Images

Embrace the struggle-lots of times God allows us to learn the things we teach

Be Relatable-Share appropriate stories about your own failures and successes

Have a word or phrase that will jog your brain for each minute of your talk. (i.e. ten words or ten phrases to guide you through your ten minute talk—for more on this, talk to Dusty)

Idea’s for staying on time:

  • Have your coordinator or someone else use the colors of the stoplight to communicate the time you have left. (Yellow for 2 or 3 minutes left and Red for running out of time)

Shepherding Ideas

We live in a Texting generation. Text verses, questions, thoughts, encouragements. Surprise them with an “old school” handwritten note in the mail? (we haven’t found anyone yet that doesn’t like this.)

Ask the question, “How can we pray for you this week?” Then ask them about that “prayer request” the next time you see them.

Shepherding Leaders (Best Practices)

  • 1st ____ of the month (or whatever works) meet for breakfast, coffee or some other food option. One of the leaders has everyone over to his house and he cooks breakfast for them each month. Don’t underestimate the power of hospitality and what it can do to unify and strengthen the relationships of the leaders. This models awesome servant leadership and helps to activate shepherding which always starts from the top.

Ideas for Growing the Class

Pray—Pray—Pray. Develop a prayer strategy. Think about having someone fast on the day that you meet. This doesn’t have to be the same person each week. You might seek to find 4 prayer warriors who would commit to this once per month and therefore cover this ministry for the whole class year.

One of the best ways to grow your class- Love the ones who are there extremely well. They will feel the love and want their friends to experience it!

Encourage every kid to invite one person-Each one reach one.

Written Invitation or Postcard, txt, phone call, facebook, tweet or carrier pigeon.

Dusty had a great “little tri-fold brochure that easily fits into your student’s pocket.

Make a “How not to invite new friends video” to have fun with this concept while making it memorable. People remember things that they laugh about with others.

More Ways to Shoot Roots Deeper

Utilize Alumni—Some have even created a video with Alumni, Share God Sightings

Life in a Box- a student or leader brings a box with a few things that represent who they are and share them with the group as an opening perhaps?

Fabulous 15- Call the first 15 minutes of the night the “FABULOUS 15” do a variety of things that keep interest up during the first 15 minutes of the night (skits, worship, games, testimonies) Keeps them excited about what will be happening each week during the “Fabulous 15.”

Holywood Squares—(I can’t remember which leader gave this idea, but it would be fun to have the particulars!)

Think of creative ways to encourage scripture memory.

If you know someone in the community who has a heart for teens and is a growing Christian—you might consider having them come give a short 5 minute testimony for an opening or such. This could serve two purposes. One, it will encourage everyone and Two, this person may be a new Teen CBS ministry volunteer.

Lessons (How do you encourage kids to complete their lesson?)

We had a number of ideas from our leaders on this. There was everything from friendly competitions, to traveling trophy’s to tickets that allow them to purchase things, etc.. One of the best things I’ve seen is leaders meeting their kids for coffee or a coke and working on the lesson with them. You might have a standing time where kids can meet at the coffee shop. (Ideally, you have a couple adults who partake in this, so if one can’t make it, there will always be an adult there. Additionally, you may think about empowering kids to lead one of these small informal “study times” at a fun location.

Thanks again for your “best practices” and ideas.

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