Students Who Struggle With Sexual Identity by Tyson Howells


It’s a politically charged topic.

In fact, many churches don’t know how to handle it. If you haven’t encountered the issue yet, you will.

I’m sure you have already guessed what I am talking about. Let me ask you a question. What do you do when you have a student that is confused with their sexual identity?

Here are 5 attitudes to have.

  1. Be Firm

When you read this first heading, you might think I am saying, take a firm stand against homosexuality.  In fact, this is not what I am saying.

You need to take a firm stand that you will not make or listen to any jokes about sexual identity.  There needs to be a safe culture that is created in your youth ministry.  Students MUST know that they will not be laughed at for the struggles that they are wrestling through.

  1. Be Open

Make it clear to your students that sexual identity is not an untouchable topic.  In fact, it is the opposite.  You are very willing to talk about sexual identity in a respectful, honest and open way.

  1. Be Clear

This is me being clear.  Lust is lust.  I do not care if it is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual lust.  Lust is lust.

We must be true to scripture and treat someone who struggles with heterosexual lust the same as some who struggles with homosexual lust.

  1. Be Focused

We spend WAY too much time focusing on what society says.  I really do not care what society has to say about things like masculinity and femininity.

Our first question must be, “what does God say on these issues”.  We must be youth leaders that find our guidance in scripture.

  1. Be Realistic

I have shocking news for you.  You are not God.  For some of you, this might be a surprise.  Since you are not God you cannot control or force anyone to change.  Your job is to listen, learn, advise, teach, seek to understand and even persuade students.

Be realistic and know what you can and cannot accomplish.

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