3 Ways Emojis Can Improve Your Communication by Ron Powell


“We usually just talk using Emojis.”  

This is what 18-year-old Hope R. shared with Business Insider about how she and her friends use their phones to communicate with one another. The college student who admits she “only calls her parents on the phone and no one else, really”, explained that emojis sent alongside every text are the new normal.

Here are some things we all need to know about Emojis and how we can use them to help communicate with students.

The problem of being misunderstood.

Obviously there is a danger of miscommunication if we only use pictures but did you know that in an email our words will be taken in worst possible way that they can be?

Did you know that texts are famous for coming across as cold, abrasive, and confrontational? Maybe that’s why some teens and young adults are ready to ditch the words and communicate in pictures.

1. Help Students Share their Stuffed Up Emotions

A while back I had a conversation with Youth Specialist, Dr. Marv Penner. He said that he wished he had a way that he could use emoticons to help students share their emotions. Part of the problem with teens today is that they have stuffed up emotions that they have difficulty sharing with others. Emojis could help break the ice.

2. Once More with Feeling!

Help to share the Gospel 

What if you could share the gospel in text and people could also feel the intended emotion. Instead of a judgemental tone that people hate they could hear our heart of compassion. Here is one girls attempt to share the gospel with emojis.

Madison shares the Gospel from her perspective with Emojis

In the beginning there was God… And God created man… Everything was Perfect… Then this Girl named Eve Showed up… Then the snake showed up…It told Eve that it was O.K. to eat the fruit that God said not to eat… Well, Eveate the fruit and sin entered the World…God had to come up with a way to get these imperfect people into his perfect heaven… God sent his perfect son in the form of a child down to earth to Die on a cross for the sins of the world… So now because of Gods Undying love for us we have a way to get to heaven… all you have to do is Pray to receive Christ as Lord… Jesus loves you and that’s all that really matters… MIND BLOWN

The Emoji Bible -Kickstarter Campaign

Kamran Kastle is working on an Emoji Bible because of responses from students. One 16-year-old girl responded, ‘If I can’t read it on my IPhone, I don’t read it.’ Kamran Kastle asked, ‘If I translated the Bible into Emoticons, would you read it?’ “With a curious smile upon her face, the teenager said, ‘Yes!’ Thus, the inspiration to translate the oldest book into the newest language – Emoticons – was immaculately conceived.”

3. Communicate Words and Feelings

If you are like me and only know a handful of the Emojis, here’s An Emoji to English Dictionary: Emoji Faces’ Meaning, Explained

We risk being misunderstood in any kind of communication. Our feelings and our motives can be misunderstood. I wonder if we communicate with words and emojis if students might not only understand the truth that we are trying to communicate but they will also appreciate the spirit in which it is being said.

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