How to Build an Unstoppable Volunteer Team by Children’s Ministry Magazine


Do-it-yourself strategies on building an unstoppable volunteer team—straight from the Carpenter.

Have you ever wondered what ministry would be like with a dedicated and faithful volunteer team — a team filled with people willing to immediately drop what they’re doing to serve? Sound impossible? Jesus gave a strong and powerful recruiting presentation in which he simply said, “Come follow me.” Immediately, the disciples dropped their nets, quit their jobs, and even left their families to follow him. What could you accomplish in your ministry if you had a team with that level of dedication? (Okay, maybe not the part about leaving their families…but really, how valuable would such a team be?)

Almost every role in ministry involves working and interacting with others. Regardless of whether you’re building teams of leaders, teachers, or assistants, you can create an atmosphere where people — rather than positions or responsibilities — are valued. Jesus is a great example; he spoke to his disciples through his actions: building connections, partners, success, and balance — and ultimately, value. You can do it yourself, too. Continue reading

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